img 2933 - GBP Avalanche!!!

GBP Avalanche!!!

Almost 3 weeks since mag start magpakita ng weakness si GBP.img 3237 - GBP Avalanche!!!

Ang ibig sabihin ng -4 is yong majority na apat na correlated pairs nya ay weak si GBP. if yong weakness ng GBP ay tatapatan mo ng STRONG CURRENCY like JPY.img 3238 - GBP Avalanche!!!

What do you think will happen?😁

img 3239 - GBP Avalanche!!!

we all know that JPY is stronger compared to GBP. We all want to short GBPJPY but we need a logical pullback which is basically the broken support and most probably became the resistance .

considering all the Bias and structure.img 3231 1 - GBP Avalanche!!!

pwede tayo mag Game 3 to diversify the risks exposure and multiplied the possible profits.

img 3232 - GBP Avalanche!!!img 3233 - GBP Avalanche!!!img 3236 - GBP Avalanche!!!img 3235 - GBP Avalanche!!!img 3234 - GBP Avalanche!!!

We can also check our previous weekly review where we discussed how we can benefit from all those scores😁.

More Pips to everyone!!!